We Are Property Investment Specialists

Today’s smartest investors are moving in on the property market and reaping healthy profits. In this part of West London property values have stabilized and there is always a demand for property to rent. This represents a sound financial investment with the bonus of regular income from the rent. With interest rates coming down investors are looking for new, effective ways to maximise returns on their money. Letting property provides a sound investment opportunity. We will be pleased to inform you of the return you could expect for your investment.



This is an important factor. From a purchasing point of view properties north of the A40 have always been more expensive. They also can achieve slightly higher rents. However other areas are very sought after by tenants and this helps to keep rental values high. Please contact us for help in choosing a suitable area.

On Line Property Services is often able to let properties in certain areas particularly quickly due to being approved agents for the US navy, Brunel University, American Community School, many airport hotels and several airlines.

This also gives an advantage to the landlord of being able to hand-pick the tenants.

Type of Property

Is it better to buy a large property or a small one? We can help you decide. Also the age of the property is a consideration. A property that is 15-20 years old is likely to be in need of some refurbishment; central heating boiler, new kitchen units, bathroom, upgrade of electrical wiring to the latest safety standards etc.



The majority of tenants require fully furnished accommodation. This doesn’t have to be new furniture as long as it meets the fire regulations. On Line Property Services can recommend approved second hand shops to save you money on furniture or reasonably priced new beds- all of which will meet the regulations.


A good quality property should only be empty for a week to ten days between tenancies. On Line Property Services usually re-lets the property as soon as the tenant vacates but this depends on the out-going tenant co-operating with appointments for new potential tenants to view the property.

An investor should be able to borrow up to 85% of the purchase price of the property. Interest rates tend to be 1% higher than those available to an owner-occupier.



Tax relief is at one’s highest rate of tax and available on the interest payable on the whole of the loan used to purchase to property. The MIRAS limit does not apply.

The relief is granted by deducting the:

  • Interest paid as an allowable expense from the rental income.
  • Letting agent’s fees
  • Tax advisor’s fees
  • Maintenance of the property, including repairs but not improvements
  • Ground rents, service charges and insurance
  • A 10% wear and tear allowance if the property is let furnished
  • Certain expenditure incurred before the property is fir