Your Questions Answered


We will happily arrange for you to view any of them. Once you have chosen your property you may have various questions you may need answers to. We hope that this information will be helpful.

This information applies if you are taking a whole property not just a room.

What are all the costs to move in?

Dilapidations deposit (either equal to a month’s rent or five weeks’ rent)

First month’s rent

This needs to be paid in full before the tenancy can commence. If paid by cheque please allow a week for it to clear. You can make an internet transfer to our bank account (please contact us for the details).

How do we reserve a property?

You must place a holding deposit of £300 to reserve it. At this stage references will be applied for and a provisional date for commencing the tenancy will be set. However, should the landlord refuse your application for whatever reason, this deposit will be returned to you.

Your application and payment of the holding deposit does not guarantee a tenancy and that both the applicant(s) and the landlord can pull out at any time until the contract is signed.

How long is the term of the tenancy?

Usually 12 months with the option to renew it afterwards subject to the approval of the landlord. However, there can be a “break” clause in the contract [subject to agreement with the landlord prior to the commencement of the tenancy] so that with one month’s notice you can vacate any time after the first six months.

How soon could we move in?

As long as we have received your references and the date suits the landlord you could move in immediately. Please note though, that it usually takes at least four days for the referencing company to complete all checks.

What about repairs to the property?

Don’t worry the landlord is responsible for most repairs including problems with the central heating. The tenant is responsible if the breakdown or repair is due to negligence or misuse. General repairs due to the tenant living in “a tenant-like manner” are also the tenant’s responsibility eg. replacing bulbs, fuses, tightening up screws that gradually get loose.

Are pets allowed?

Only if specially defined and agreed in advance.

What about insurance?

The landlord has his own insurance policy for the building and possibly his contents but you should have your own insurance for your personal possessions or for damage you may cause to the landlord’s contents. We will be happy to arrange inexpensive insurance for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions and we will be happy to help.

Now you are ready to have a look at our property list!

I have another question, what should I do?

We would love to hear from you, please view our contact us page with details of how to get in touch and find more answers to your questions.